Hibbert Called Out Stairs

So this interesting tidbit here from after the Indy - NY game got me wondering about Stairs' impending free agency.

"We've fallen in love with the jump shot for a while," Hibbert said. "People feel like they have it going and they want to do it themselves sometimes. That's just how it works. I feel like two guys that I have 100 percent trust in doing that is Paul and David. I feel like they should have carte blanche on whatever they want to do in terms of attacking the paint and (put) the ball's in their hands because they've earned my respect."

Hibbert continued.

"They're able to do it at a high level, even if they start off a little slow but I know they're going to bring it. Those guys have the green light whenever they have it, but other than that I think we should move the ball and get people involved."

First of all, I'll just assume that Indiana is fully prepared to clear space to sign Stairs to a reasonable contract next season---and it seems that even if George gets his "super-max", waiving Scola would still give them enough room to work with, or trading Copeland in a salary dump. This is why I'd thought Stairs was never a reasonable target in FA next summer, but maybe getting called out by a teammate in the press rattled him somewhat.

The chemistry with Evan Turner in the bench unit doesn't seem to be there either, and perhaps Turner may end up being a cheaper replacement for Stairs next season for Indy (no way Turner gets anything close to what Stairs will get offered).

If we get a Boozer amnesty and have some cap space to throw around, what do you guys think of using it on Stairs? He's an awful person, but would be a pretty solid 2 guard for us (and moves Jimmy to the 3). That'd be a hyper athletic, rebounding 1-2-3 with Rose.

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