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Buyout season is underway

Wooooo buyout season!


The trade deadline came and went with very little action for the Bulls, but with buyout season now underway, rumors are starting to pick up a bit.'s David Aldridge reported Friday night that the Bulls are interested in Glen Davis, and several other names have been linked to Chicago.

RealGM's Shams Charania says that if Danny Granger is bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers, he'll likely choose between the Bulls, Heat, Clippers and Mavs.

Antawn Jamison, who garnered interest from the Bulls in the offseason, is also on their radar after being waived by the Hawksaccording to ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne.

Sam Amick of USA Today reports the Bulls have interest in Shannon Brown, who of course went to high school in Chicago at Proviso East.

And finally, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer says the Bulls "could" have interest in Ben Gordon if he's bought out of his massive expiring contract.

Ronnie Brewer is also on the market as well, but there hasn't been any report of Bulls interest yet. At least I haven't seen any.

Davis could probably be useful to help with the big-man rotation, and he has familiarity with Thibs. However, it appears Big Baby will likely go to the Clippers or Netsper ESPN's Marc Stein and others. No thanks on Jamison and Granger. Brown could be a decent addition, although he has been just about useless in limited minutes this season (he has a negative PER).

Out of all these guys, I would like to see Gordon signed, because I have irrational love for his game due to his first stint in Chicago. Gordon has been pretty checked out the last few seasons in Charlotte, but I feel like Thibs could possible revive his career.

Of course, the Bulls are being mindful of their limited space under the luxury tax, so they may not actually sign anybody for the rest of the year at this time. From what Mark Deeks of Sham Sports has detailed, it depends on bonuses to Taj Gibson. Deeks did clarify recently that if the Bulls are assuming at best Taj gets 2nd-team All-Defense they could sign someone for the rest of the season immediately. Otherwise, they'll continue this 10-day dance all the way until April 3rd.