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Chicago Bulls trade deadline open thread

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

As Jay deftly pointed out yesterday, the Bulls have kind of done their dealing, sending out Luol Deng and Marquis Teague to save cash gain flexibility weeks ago. Their razor-thin margin under the tax means they certainly won't be buyers, and even shuffling the deck would prove difficult. I expect the Bulls to do nothing, unless they are guarded against some incentive clauses kicking in and putting them back over the tax. It's really their only motivation.

And as a team they're doing pretty well. It'd be nice if they could create more room as to not stick to these 12/13-man roster shenanigans the rest of the year, but moving Dunleavy (or to a lesser extent, Hinrich) would potentially hurt their playoff push which I don't think they want to do. That said, keeping their roster as thin as they are does open themselves up to issues as well, especially under ThibsBall.

So likely nothing Bulls-related will happen today, but here's to hoping we at least get a juicy rumor. A real one, not a crappy one. Speaking of, in the meantime you can enjoy this sorta-crappy dream of Kevin Love, and look at the rest of the league doing stuff. The Bulls already did theirs early.