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Who belongs on the Chicago Bulls' Mount Rushmore?

There are a few obvious choices, but finishing off the mountain is where things can get interesting.

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

So in the wake of LeBron James making some waves with his NBA Mount Rushmore comments, SB Nation NBA decided to do a Theme Day asking all of the team blogs to come up with their own team-specific Mount Rushmore's. These can include anybody who has played a major part of the organization, not just players. And really, this can be taken in any way, serious or not.

So who would belong on the Bulls' Mount Rushmore?

If we're looking at just a plain old Bulls Mount Rushmore, the first three are absolute no-brainers. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson. There's really no debate.

But that fourth one is where things get really interesting. You could go old school and put somebody like Johnny Red Kerr on there. Some other notable older candidates include Bob Love, Jerry Sloan, Norm Van Lier, Artis Gilmore, Chet Walker and "Rush Street Reggie" Theus. Kerr was the Bulls' first ever head coach and was basically a die-hard forever, something that also describes Van Lier. Sloan and Love both have their jerseys hanging in the rafters at the United Center.

Dennis Rodman is also a possibility because he was such an integral part of that second three-peat. However, I wouldn't include him simply because he lacked the longevity, and he was also a major part of the Detroit Bad Boys that were such a thorn in the side of the Bulls before the titles starting coming. So it would feel kind of weird.

I guess I could also pay some lip service to Jerry Krause, but yeah, not happening.

In the more present day, Derrick Rose would have been the obvious fourth choice...except those dastardly health problems have basically ruined his last three seasons. Tom Thibodeau, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng are also all options.

So with that fourth and final spot, I'm going with...Johnny Red Kerr. The man helped bring Sloan to Chicago, won an NBA Coach of the Year Award in the Bulls' inaugural season and was an announcer for the team for over 30 years. When you hear the name Johnny Red Kerr, you think of the Bulls. A few years down the line, I would expect either Rose, Thibs or Noah to be that fourth guy on the mountain, but for now, I'm going Kerr.

Going in another direction, here are the four guys I've personally most enjoyed watching as a Bulls fan: Jordan, Rose, Gordon and Noah. As I said, there are so many other ways we can go with this, so feel free to do so in the comments.