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Bulls injury report: Noah sits out practice

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE 2: Bulls getting ahead of the game, here: Noah's been officially listed as out. Doug McDermott, who's now missed over a week, is listed out as well.

It's not just BlogABull: the Bulls are in a bit of a break right this week! After failing to beat what may be a really incredible team from Golden State, the Bulls stayed home with only 1 game in the next 6 days. And that game is against a cruddy Eastern Conference team they just beat up a couple weeks ago.

A team, the Brooklyn Nets, who should be even cruddier than usual: Joe Johnson (illness), Brook Lopez (back), AK-47 (who knows) will all be out for them. Mirza Teletovic is questionable.

All the more reason to, for the love of playoff chances, rest Joakim Noah already:

Noah sprained his ankle in consecutive games last week, and though he had a nice line in 33 minutes on Saturday he didn't look completely there, and missed the rare practice time for now two straight days.

Assuming the injury isn't that severe, the only downside to rest for rest's sake is that the Bulls still have some frontcourt pairing issues to work through. Taj Gibson returned after his own ankle injury on Saturday and he was both rusty (5 turnovers in 18 minutes) and pushed what had been a solidly-performing Nikola Mirotic back under 8 minutes. Meanwhile, the Bulls starting bigs tandem of Gasol and Noah really struggled defensively against the floor-spreading Warriors.

Even though it'd be nice to see some of these kinks worked out, what is there really to learn against the cruddy Nets? Plenty of season to go, Jo, including a much more marquee game against the TrailBlazers this Friday.