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Bulls Not Ready for Prime Time, Blow Another Game at Home

Chicago's turnovers and inability to guard the three point line sunk them.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This game was frustrating to watch. It was a pretty back and forth affair, with the Bulls getting down 20-8 in the first quarter, storming back to take a lead in the second, before falling behind again by 12 at the half. They won the third quarter by 13 points and took a 1 point lead into the final frame. Then the Warriors just killed them to close it out, leading to the 112-102 loss.

The stories of the game were the Bulls turning the ball over a season worst 23 times and the Warriors' Draymond Green burying 7 triples on his way to a career high 31 points. Green going off shouldn't be a huge surprise, as Golden State starts him at power forward and the Bulls tried to have Joakim, on his balky knee, matchup with him. Needless to say, it didn't work. All night the Bulls struggled to cover the Warriors high pick and rolls with Green and he kept popping open and hitting.

Chicago couldn't hang on to the ball all night and they made a ton of bad passes. Taj Gibson was the biggest turnover culprit, with 5, on his first night back in action after a long injury absence. It was pretty equal opportunity on turning it over for the Bulls, though, as all of the starters had at least 2 turnovers, and Hinrich had 3 off the bench. Kirk's turnovers in particular included a couple of the worst passing decision you'll see, in the fourth quarter. He attempted to throw a bounce pass across court through the top of the key, which was easily picked off and then, shortly thereafter, tried to force a pass in to Taj in the paint which was picked off as well.

Pau Gasol continued to put up monster numbers and was largely the reason the Bulls were in the game going into the fourth quarter. The big Spaniard finished with 22 points and 20 rebounds and looked as good as he has in a while. Joakim had an efficient scoring night dropping in 16 points on 8 shots but he secured only 5 rebounds in 33 minutes and was a huge part of the reason Draymond Green was able to kill the Bulls. Noah's knee still doesn't seem totally right and he was just not able to recover like he needed to in order to close out on Green at the three point line. No surprise then that Noah was second worst on the team with a +/- of -12 for the game. The Bulls' worst +/- contributor of the night was Derrick Rose, who looked terrible offensively all night, and finished at -19 in 33 minutes of playing time. Rose did a good job guarding Stephen Curry, for the most part, but he was hot garbage on the other end. He consistently settled for awful three point shots, going 1 of 7 from deep, and scoring just 9 points on 11 shots overall. The best thing Derrick did all night came pre-game when he warmed up in an "I Can't Breathe" shirt, showing his solidarity with those protesting the killing of Eric Garner by the New York Police.

With the loss, the Bulls are now a pretty terrible 2-5 at home and look more and more like a merely pretty good team that aren't yet on the same level as the really elite teams. They need to get Joakim healthy and moving well again on defense and Rose needs to get out of the funk he appears to be in. Here's hoping it's not health related.