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Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets game preview, injury report, lineups

these sad-sacks again?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Uncle Stanley McGoober for today's game preview -yfbb]

The Bulls take on the Brooklyn Nets tonight and I will be on the scene bringing you all the action via live-tweet. Except I don't actually have Twitter so I'm going to pay that really loud Ice Cream vendor to shout my observations instead.

The Bulls come into the game on a 7 game winning streak. They have won 9 of their last 10 since they last beat down the Nets at the UC. The Nets themselves have won 6 of their last 10 since playing the Bulls and are up to the 7th seed in the improving Eastern Conference. They handled the Kings last night behind 22 points from Mason Plumlee, who seems to have perfected the art of having the body of a young Kevin Garnett without any of the skill.

The Bulls, as we know, are doing quite well as of late, besides a terrible stretch towards the end of the game last night. But all of that is about to end. Because Kirk Hinrich might be back tonight. The horror!

Actually, if we really want to talk about horror, let's look at the Nets. This season (and the entire Pierce/Garnett/Johnson/Williams experiment) seems to have been an utter failure. Remember when people actually thought they would be good last year? Now they've put 3 of their best players on the trading block. And they are basically screwed for the future as well. In assembling their cavalcade of aging stars, they have put together a team with the highest payroll in the NBA. And in case you think the Nets will be relieved from their aging suckitude with an influx of young talent THINK AGAIN. Let's take a look at what draft picks the Nets have left after mortgaging their future for players that were good 5 years ago:

2015: 1st round pick swapped with Atlanta (for Joe Johnson) if Atlanta is better (lol, duh). 2nd round pick to Jazz (for Mehmet Okur, huh?).

2016: 1st round pick goes to Celtics unprotected (part of the Garnett/Pierce trade). 2nd round pick Clippers have the option to swap with Nets.

2017: 1st round pick, the--by this point--up and coming Celtics have the option to swap with the Nets (still part of Garnett/Pierce trade). 2nd round pick to Hawks (for Joe Johnson).

2018: 1st round pick to Celtics unprotected (STILL part of the Garnett/Pierce trade).

There are also some 2nd round pick swaps in 2018 and 2019, but basically the Nets have 2 first round picks over the next 4 years and all of them will be late picks for a team that could very well be one of the worst in the NBA by that point. Have fun with Mason Plumlee!

But none of that matters because Kirk is back, so we are going to lose. Back to the bench with you E'Twaun! Unless Kirk doesn't come back tonight, in which case the glory of our victory will reign forevermore.