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Grant Hill talks about Derrick Rose's recovery from injury

The Duke star knows what it's like to play through injury.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I spoke with Grant Hill this afternoon about the Duke vs. Wisconsin game, and couldn't let him go without asking a question about Derrick Rose. If anyone knows what Rose is going through right now, it's Hill.

I asked Hill about what it's like to come back from less consequential injuries (like Rose's hamstring strain) after you've previously sustained multiple season-ending injuries. His answer is below:

Grant Hill: It's one thing when you've had aggravating injuries, that sometimes can happen. Because of what he's gone through, to me and what I've learned, it's all connected. There's an imbalance. There's probably a reason why his knee blew out in the first place. Coming back, maybe there's some compensation issues and all of the sudden something else starts to bother him. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. You have to learn to listen to your body and he's erring on the side of being conservative which I think is the right thing to do.

Fans are going to be critical. I learned at an early age that fan is short for fanatic. When you're a fanatic about something, sometimes you're not being rational. I think part of the frustration is the cumulative effect of him being out and the lost opportunity in some fan's eyes.

I think the mistake he did make is that one interview when he talked about all that stuff, you know, thinking about the future and ... I don't think fans really care about that, to be honest, even though he probably is right. He probably should have kept that to himself.

The beauty is that if he can put together days, weeks, months of consecutive health and get back to playing at a high level, fans will forget. Fans have already forgotten what he did three, four years ago as an MVP. They love a comeback story, they love when somebody can overcome. He's just got to devote his time and energy to getting healthy and getting his mind right so he can be the best player he can be.

Hill interview comes via All-State GoodWorks team.