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Will the Chicago Bulls be fully healthy for the Raptors tonight?

lookin' good!

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

I believe one of the few games this season where we've seen the full complement of Bulls (sorry, Doug McDermott) was against the Toronto Raptors, and we may be seeing that again tonight.

Taj Gibson is slated to return after missing a couple games with an(other) ankle sprain, and Derrick Rose seems recovered from his illness. As a bonus, Rose had some goofy-ass things to say about it, as is his way.


Ooooh, ok!

The Bulls were able to beat a really good team on the road over the weekend and complete a back-to-back sweep, even in spite of the litany of nagging injuries/illnesses that have plagued the roster all season.

It's because of two big reasons: Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic.

As much as it may be a 'concern' that Mirotic won't find enough minutes when the Bulls are at their full strength, that's still a really good problem to have. And it really helps to have someone like Mirotic step in and give them really good minutes given that the Bulls top 3 frontcourt players are injury-prone.

And as for Butler, it's not just that he soaks up ALL the minutes, but his ascension changes everything:

There's 82 of these games this season! Watchability is everything. OK, getting everyone in sync and together is nice, too. Hope this is the start of a run of that. A big Eastern Conference back-to-back continues with the Wizards after this Raptors game tonight.