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Jimmy Butler highlights: career-high 35 points against the Knicks

"thank god for Jimmy Butler"

Jimmy Butler ran with an opportunity on Thursday night with his team being without Derrick Rose (due to illness) and assumed the offensive load: going for a career-high 35 point on 11-of-21 shooting overall and 4-of-7 from three in 45 minutes. He's gone 40+ so many times the past couple of seasons, it outpaces the rest of the league so much it should just be called 'The Butler'.

As you can see in the above video (even more highlights here, I wanted to be official-like for the embed), Butler's jumper was really working, and he hit 6/10 on 'contested' shots.

It's also funny to hear Charles Barkley change his tune as the game progressed. Yeah, it was just the Knicks and noted defensive sieve Tim Hardaway Jr., but even in a game where Kirk Hinrich gets announced last 'from Sioux City, IA!' (thus why I boycotted), it's good to see the Bulls DO have a secondary scorer now who can definitely be primary when called upon.

Butler also had 5 rebounds and 7 assists in the game, and that combined with 35 points had only happened 3 times in the league so far this season (s/o 'xshwanger' in the comments).