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Bulls vs. Hawks video highlights: Al Horford goes off

I could do without the clips of uncontested defensive rebounds, but the video above of Al Horford's play last night does also serve as a look at slowness of the Bulls defense.

And yes, it's pretty exclusively on Pau Gasol*. Some of Horford's one-on-one attempts you could probably live with, but too often the jumpers are left wide-open (and by my recollection, on several missed attempts as well), and the transition defense is tough to watch.

Gasol did play nearly 40 minutes the night after he played over 36, which is pretty crazy, so we can cut him somewhat of a break. But the Bulls really missed Joakim Noah here against his college teammate, and though Mirotic was extra foul-y he probably could've provided Gasol with at least a few more minutes of reprieve.

*Rose doesn't come off to well here either, including the first clip which one of several poor entry passes by him on the night.