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Bulls vs. Heat recap: Dunleavy leads scoring, has jokes

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So the Bulls and Heat were off to a slow start Sunday in a (slightly) early start. Hmm.

Sounds about right.

In what has been typical of the team this season, they had a blistering 3rd quarter. What was the surprising bit of it was that it was led spectacularly by Mike Dunleavy, who had 19 points in the quarter (on 8 shots) which was more than the entire Miami team had.

Post-game, Dunleavy revealed Thibs's secret:

"That was the plan. We slow rolled them in the first half. Coach wanted to unleash me in 2nd"

Miami was without Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts on Sunday which exposed their terribly-thin frontcourt, and though they'd have a 10-0 run in the 4th quarter then never got their deficit under double-digits, ultimately winding up with an anemic 75 points on 35% shooting.

The Bulls showed their Bullsian ways late with this sequence of Jimmy Butler plays while the team was up huge and he was one of 3 players who were over 36 minutes on the night.

Since this team is pretty remarkable (Dunleavy now the 8th different Bull to lead the team in scoring this year), there probably is little to worry about even considering they're playing another semi-early road game tonight in Atlanta.