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Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau have different opinions on Rose's shot selection

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose is taking way more threes than usual since his return from a hamstring injury. Here was Rose explaining why on Monday:

Though Rose is accustomed to seeing traps and double teams, he said the Warriors employed a now more common defense of a softer "contain-type trap" in which one defender stays with him and another - in the Warriors' case, Andrew Bogut - serves as a rim protector with Rose as the focus.

"I've just got to learn how to score with two people on me whenever I drive and ... how to get fouled or get a good shot up," Rose said. "I'm a scoring point guard, so my game is scoring a little bit more than passing or facilitating. But when you have more scoring on the team, you can facilitate a little bit more. So picking and choosing my spots is kind of hard right now, but I'm going to learn it pretty quickly.

"I know the more I play, my driving game is going to be there. But I've got to get used to guys going under screens. I'm shooting open shots that they're giving me."

Rose also added that his 3-point looks are a 'set, easy shot', but to me they look more 'lazy' than 'easy', especially when early in the shot clock and without much breathing room to shoot. The approach likely feeds into how his release looks, which has been subjectively ugly all season. Zach Harper at CBSSports ran the numbers of Rose's 3-pointers, and though he does actually shoot respectably from three in a 'pull-up' fashion, those numbers do expectedly nose-dive when defenders get close.

Thibodeau was asked about Rose on that same day and generally seemed to want to allow Rose time to adjust towards being more aggressive. However, the day after he was a bit more direct:

He has to attack, that's the bottom line. Some teams are going under (screens) and some teams will adjust to a blitz. All I know is when he's pushing the ball up the floor and attacking, that's who he is. He can't defer. He can't pace himself. He's gotta go...I know when he has played well this year, he has been in attack mode.

By nature, he's trying to fit in right now. It's a new team for him. He's trying to learn his teammates. He's playing off people. We need him to go. Just go. Go. Great players will figure it out.

Thibs added that he talks to Derrick about it and 'trusts' he'll make the adjustment. The key is when we'll start seeing it. If it's less mental fortitude and more the health of his legs, it may still be a while. But if there's indeed just a switch to be flipped, tonight is a good opportunity against the cement-shoed defense of Brooklyn.