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Derrick Rose returns from ankle injury, and I'm not sure why

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So...this is getting confusing and very Bulls-ian already.

After sitting out Tuesday's game with the rare double-ankle sprain, Rose said he saw no reason to push it early in the season if he's not 100%. Made sense to me, even if the mechanics of it were a bit confusing and annoying with Thibs and the Org./MedicalStaff putting out different lineups right before gametime. I did learn that the NFL-esque 'questionable/probable' announcements were a new league protocol.

What's then weird is that after Rose was 'downgraded' on Wednesday, he wound up playing. Rose had a couple nice drives and solid production in his 31 minutes of the Bulls win, but mostly stayed on the perimeter and looked shaky defensively. He also tweaked the ankle(s) sprain late in the first half.

Even weirder was after the game, Rose admitted he played at 50%, contradicting what he said Tuesday and playing in a game 'they needed'. Taj Gibson quoted Rose as saying:

“He told us, ‘just keep fighting, I’m gonna give it my all in the fourth,’" according to Taj Gibson, “and that’s what he did.”

The hell? It's November 5th in Milwaukee. You don't need anything. I'm hoping Rose didn't cave to the toughness police of Chicago in forcing himself out there. It could be indeed him trying to engender faith from his coach and teammates like Taj (who are crazy-tough, but in a good way that wins a ton), but all we've ever seen with regards to Rose is them having his back completely.

The Bulls have an off today today and then another back-to-back. Will Rose play in both, or either? Given what's happened this week, we can't really have any idea.