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Chicago Bulls injuries: All 'probable' to play, or rest!

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process process process. hey, that's an improvement.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Taj Gibson (ankle), Derrick Rose (2 ankles), and Jimmy Butler (thumb) all practiced Monday. The Bulls are officially listing them as 'probable' for Tuesday's game vs. the Magic.]

Thibs sounds downright reasonable about it:

What we’re doing is taking it day-by-day and game-by-game. If a guy needs time, he’ll get time. If he doesn’t, he’ll play. I don’t think you can jump ahead or predict. As long as they’re feeling well, they should play.

Maybe he's just resigned to the idea that it's really not his call anymore, at least with Rose?

The interesting part of Saturday's decision to sit Rose is that after warming up on the floor, the former MVP said he never spoke to Thibodeau about his status, instead relaying his message to Bulls trainer Jeff Tanaka and director of sports performance Jen Swanson.

"We didn't even talk about it," Rose said of Thibodeau. "He didn't ask me about it to tell you the truth. I told T-Nak, T-Nak and Jen talked to him for a little bit, but as far as me and him talking about it, we didn't talk about it yet."

We should probably expect the annoying 'gamesmanship' tomorrow when it comes to actually making a decision on whether anybody will be out in the game, but still: it'll be an interesting watch to see not only the go/no-go decision for the game, but how they're treated in-game. There's already been instances of a blown minutes limit and rumored consternation about overuse, but it's a good sign that steps are being made to at least decide an inactive list as an organization.