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Derrick Rose injury: mild hamstring strain, day-to-day

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

After suffering an injury and exiting Thursday night's game in Toronto, all post-game quotes and observations surrounding Derrick Rose made it seem like a relatively minor issue.

Thankfully today that has been confirmed.

The Bulls play tomorrow night against the Pacers, and considering the circumstances (still November...still November...) I don't see why he would play.

If you remember (and I'm almost upset that Nate Duncan reminded me), while this hamstring injury is minor there is reason to be concerned about the overall health of Rose's leg going forward. Early in the 2013 season Rose suffered a hamstring injury, missed a game, then played 3 more games before tearing the meniscus in the same leg and missing the rest of the season.

I think all right-minded fans are ok with Derrick missing games until he's 100% to reduce the risk of a re-aggravating or compensatory injury. Rose expressed that attitude earlier in the year, then kind of went against it last week against Milwaukee. So who knows what to expect this time, including the possibility of him talking about it...poorly.

But that matters less than the need to see Rose play games when healthy, then finishing them that way. The sprained ankle against the Cavs was him landing on an opponent's foot, a typical basketball thing. This latest one was non-contact, which is unfortunately typical for Rose. Just have to hope the pattern breaks over the course of this season, and as Thibs advocates often, that Rose 'strings games together'.