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Bulls vs. Raptors final score: Bulls surge in 2nd half to win, Rose re-injures ankle.

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: For what it's worth, the TNT broadcast said it was a hamstring.

The Bulls rode a huge 3rd quarter to take over the game in Toronto and take a huge 2nd half lead and eventually outlast the Toronto Raptors 100-93. It was an impressive showing considering the Raptors were only their second real test of this young season, at home and leading the Eastern Conference heading into tonight.

After an even first quarter, the only true blip of the game for the Bulls was the 5 minute stretch where McDermott and Mirotic were in a lineup that turned it over nearly every possession, finishing a -9 as a group. You'd say it was a bad night for the Bulls draft history, but on the other side former draftee James Johnson hit his first 6 shots of the game and got the Raptors their biggest lead in the second quarter.

But after halftime, the Bulls put on a clinic, with Pau Gasol leading the way scoring 27 points and 8 rebound through 3 quarters. He didn't score in the 4th, but it underscored that one way the Bulls can exploit the Raptors and that's on the interior.

The Bulls led by 18 at one point in the second half, but the Raptors did put on one last run to get it within 5. That happened right after Derrick Rose (who looked good with 20 points, though on 5-14 shooting made his living at the line pretty exclusively) re-injured his left ankle (or something), on a non-contact play.

Anyway...that kind of puts a damper on the evening, though as Rose didn't play the final 2 minutes of the game the Bulls got a clutch jumper from Jimmy Butler and a Dunleavy drawn-foul on the next possession. Throughout the rest of the game the Raptors could not complete their comeback, very much looking like the younger team that's looking up to the Bulls in the Eastern Conference, despite the small margin they had in record heading into this game.

So it was pretty emblematic of this season. The Bulls looking good at times and getting a win, but enough doubt creeping in to...keep us entertained, I guess. Recap coming later.