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Derrick Rose sprains both ankles in loss to Cavaliers

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn't able to catch too much of last night's game, and what I saw looked a bit too familiar: the Bulls missing Derrick Rose and putting up a valiant effort against a LeBron-led opponent.

The report from Nick Friedell at has Rose spraining both ankles in the game. The obvious one occurred in the second quarter, maybe the other through overcompensation as Rose stayed in the game.

No word yet on if Rose is playing tonight in Minnesota. He traveled with the team and insisted it was 'just' an ankle sprain.

Taj Gibson also sprained his ankle and wound up playing through it for 28 overall minutes. Joakim Noah played all but 3:30 of the second half, and had another couple minutes in OT. He finished with over 37 minutes overall, and while it's not fun to already get into minutes watch, Noah supposedly was to have a minutes restriction. Is Thibs perhaps going full Thibs already?

Again, it was another thriller, which is what the Bulls seem to always muster up when going against the best in the East. But hopefully it was just one game and not indication of it being the same old season.