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Bulls vs. Cavaliers: Jimmy Butler a 'game-time' decision

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the thumb in question
the thumb in question
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The schizophrenic diagnosis of Jimmy Butler's thumb injury continued this morning:

So, this could mean a lot of things. Of which I know little.

1) The injury wasn't really that severe.

2) 'long-term perspective Thibs' is dead after 1 game.

3) Typical coach-y dumbass gamesmanship.

Clearly the concern is #2. If left up to Jimmy Butler and Tom Thibodeau, he's going to play tonight. For one thing, they really need him against LeBron:

But as a counter-point, the Bulls don't need to do anything. It's not even November yet. And while we don't know the severity of the sprained thumb, even though it's on his non-shooting hand it seems like there's a risk for re-injury.

What I don't think it is: anything to do with the contract extension deadline of tonight. Granted, if I was Jimmy I'd hold out this game until my contract situation was settled. But I have no heart or grit, and Thibs would lose faith in me really quick.

We know the Bulls mantra from Thibs-on-down will suggest Butler is going to play. Here's hoping that if he's indeed to hurt to do so, that someone above Thibs overrules the decision. We've seen it already with the minutes restrictions on Rose and Noah.