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Jimmy Butler video: buzzer beater caps 29 points on 8-for-14 shooting

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So Jimmy Butler had himself a (practice) game last night, scoring 29 points buoyed by a ridiculous 16 FTAs. It included a monster 4th quarter run by him and the Bulls against the Hawks C-squad. But hey, John Jenkins was technically drafted higher than Butler. Butler also hit his only 3 of the night (and I believe preseason) on that game-winner, but honestly if it takes giving up the 3-pointer to be this ridiculously efficient on offense, why not.

It's best watched with the sound off. You could argue Stacey King got a bit out of control, but that's more his default setting. You can also check out the crowd reaction here, a magnitude of which I don't think I've seen for a non-Big Mac event.

So hmm, as we asked before, what's Jimmy Butler worth? I'd say the max, but with a 2-year opt-out so he can get more after the next CBA negotiations.