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Luol Deng trade grades and analysis

Read what smarter people than me have to say.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

The Luol Deng was big news in the NBA on Tuesday. You can catch my analysis here...essentially I found this particular deal (with Bynum's waiveable contract bringing immediate savings) was probably necessary though only given our self-imposed constraints that we're sort of resigned to accepting. Ricky also had a really nice retrospective of Deng's career and how he and the Bulls got to this point. You can find even more going on in our Storystream.

  • Kelly Dwyer at Yahoo! essentially calls it sad but necessary, with his usual spot-on Bulls analysis saved for the end.

    This can’t be criticized. Time and time again, the team’s parsimony has an excuse that once singularly identified, can’t really be called into question. The Bulls always get away with it. There’s always a reason. They’re so damn good at this.... As expected, the Bulls will dangle that carrot to their fans

  • Steve Aschburner at notes this as yet another example of the Bulls having a poor relationship with a player, a reputation that could be the reason why previous times of 'flexibility' hasn't led to any superstar free agents.

  • Bradford Doolittle at ESPN Insider explains how this deal opens up possibilities of many potential new directions for the team, something that wouldn't have been the case if Deng was retained. "If the Bulls navigate their new path wisely and keep Tom Thibodeau along for the ride, then the short-term bleakness that is sure to come will quickly be forgotten."

  • Hoopsworld's Nate Duncan lauds the Bulls doing what they do best: "trading with league's worst FOs/Ownerships" and leveraging their ability to draft well.