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Bulls vs. Cavaliers preview: Luol Deng revenge game

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

[Thanks to BigSmooveDucky for today's game preview. Both Hinrich and Boozer are out for tonight -yfbb]

It was just about a week ago when we were all taken aback after hearing the news of Luol Deng being shipped to Cleveland, and now it's coming half-circle as the Bulls get ready to do battle at Lu's new home.

The Cavs are coming off of a loss against the Dallas Mavericks, spoiling the comeback from injury for star point guard Kyrie Irving. Many thought that the Cavaliers would be a deep playoff team year, yet they have struggled mightily and sit two and a half games out of the 8th seed in the Eastern playoffs. As we draw to the middle of the season, it's not too late for the Cavs to right the ship, and the addition of Luol Deng should help. He's a proven winner and brings a unique set of skills to the court as well as wisdom and guidance in the locker room. He could be the difference between the Cavs making the playoffs, or being a lottery team.

The Bulls are coming fresh off of an exciting OT win over the Lakers with brilliant games played by Joakim Noah and DJ Augustin. One would think that this game will be emotional for both Lu and our Bulls, but it's business as usual for Lu and Jo is ready "kick [Luol's] ass right now." It will be weird for everyone not seeing Lu in a Bulls jersey--I'm sure at some point in the game we will see a single tear roll down Thib's cheek as Lu slashes his defense.

This should be a fun game to watch. One match-up to look out for is Kyrie Irving vs DJ Augustin. Kyrie has struggled this season but has still had some fantastic games and orchestrates the Cleveland offense well. On the other hand, Augustin has flourished in his role with the Bulls ever since he was claimed off of waivers. The key difference of this game could come down to the effectiveness of the guards and wings, and how much offensive damage they can muster.

Tip-off is at 6:00PM CT, CSN-Chicago and ESPN 1000AM