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Bulls vs. Ron Adams: current Celtics assistant opens up about departure

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics are in town, with their rookie coach Brad Stevens bringing along old friend Ron Adams. Adams was let go (or more specifically: contract not renewed) from his Bulls assistant coaching post in the offseason, which took Tom Thibodeau and 'league observers' by surprised.

Rumors abounded in the wake of this move describing a rift between Thibs and the Bulls front office, as this was seen to be a power-play by Gar Forman. Gar himself didn't say much about it besides the hilarious revelation that it was among 'tens, if not hundreds of decisions a year'. I still love that.

Adams doesn't reveal much about it either, but does open up a bit to KC Johnson of the Tribune:

"It's still a bit mystifying to me," Adams said. "And I don't understand it. And if the intent was to be hurtful to me and my family, it succeeded."


The Tribune reported in June that Forman took exception to Adams voicing displeasure over certain personnel moves. Adams confirmed this, saying he was told he "made a disparaging remark about the organization outside the walls of the Berto Center."

So, yup: still seems a bit petty from Forman's standpoint. And if he's that thin-skinned about criticism, it really can get you thinking about how the Bulls feel about 'Team Rose'. Adams was reportedly very close to Rose as well.