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NBA offseason: Adrian Griffin reportedly promoted, rookie survey and season previews

Ron Adams has finally been replaced and the Bulls rookies get a little love from other rookies.


It's been a couple weeks since links.

There was a small bit of news Tuesday, as it appears a decision has been made as to whom will replace Ron Adams as Tom Thibodeau's lead assistant. The replacement will come from within the organization, with Adrian Griffin getting a promotion, according to to Chris Haynes of CSN Northwest (wait, what?).

Griffin was a candidate for several head coaching positions this offseason, and he's spent quite a bit of time in the Bulls' organization, so this is a natural selection. And I'm sure he'll cost less than Adams and won't challenge Gar Forman's authority.

Here's some other Bulls linkage from around the interwebs:

- Last week, the annual rookie survey was published, and the Bulls' two rooks got a bit of love. While Tony Snell and Erik Murphy didn't get any votes for the big questions (Rookie of the Year and best career), they both got votes in the same two categories. The first was "Most Overlooked," with Murphy actually tying for first along with Nerlens Noel, Ricky Ledo and Kelly Olynyk. Snell was in the next tier in a tie for fifth with a host of other players. The other category, of course, was "Best Shooter." Snell tied for third with C.J. McCollum, while Murphy tied for sixth with Allen Crabbe. Speaking of Murphy, provided a great public service by having the rookie explain what a stretch 4 was. Thanks,!

- I'm on the record as saying that I love the Mike Dunleavy signing, and it has gotten mostly rave reviews from around the blogosphere. We can add another to that folder, with Ian Levy over at Bleacher Report explaining why the Dunleavy signing should give the Bulls some much-needed flexibility on offense. Levy does some video analysis showing how helpful Dunleavy's offensive versatility was to the Bucks and how that versatility should help create more space for Derrick Rose to operate. While Dunleavy may not be the really good to great secondary shot creator the Bulls have been searching for to pair with Rose, he should almost certainly be a better option than Marco Belinelli.

- yfBB talked about his expectations for Rose's return a couple of weeks ago, and Nick Friedell has gotten in the Rose prognostication business himself over the last week, while also dishing on the Bulls' standing in the Eastern Conference. Friedell is actually pretty optimistic about Rose and the Bulls, although he does still resort to the whole "might be playing for second place" line. But at least he says the Bulls are the clear-cut second-best team.

- if you want to digest even more Bulls previews (or offseason reviews), this is a good start:

[yfbb also contributed to this, and loves credit -yfbb]