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Bulls training camp 2013 Roster: deep bench spots still up for grabs


Chicago Bulls training camp starts today! It all kicks off with media day, so expect (hopefully) lots of stories and pictures as the Bulls players, coaches, and executives come out of relative hiding.

The obvious story is Derrick Rose, who's actually been fairly visible (if in an across-the-ocean sort of way), though we know nothing of his progress in terms of playing actual games. The process of getting back to 110% may still have a lot in front of him, or the extra time away from playing helped mitigate that, we'll see. We've been told he's been rehabbing a LOT and is the most confident and hardworking man in the world. Most humble, too (just ask him!).

[guys, only a few weeks left of Derrick Rose #TheReturn jokes...that's the only bad thing amongst the otherwise overwhelming excitement of him actually coming back to play.]

Just to get everyone primed on the roster heading into camp, there is a spot or two open that may be decided. NBA rosters are at a minimum of 12 and maximum of 15, though during training camp it can be up to 20.

fully guaranteed Contracts (11):
Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich, Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Nazr Mohammed

partially guaranteed (1):
Erik Murphy (250k)

Non-guaranteed camp invites:
Mike James, Dexter Pittman, DJ White, Patrick Christopher, Kalin Lucas, Malcolm Thomas, Chris Wright, Dahntay Jones*

[*Aggrey Sam just passed along that Jones signing, and also speculated/reported that Thomas and Wright won't actually be in camp today (or at all?). The Bulls will put out an official list sometime today.

UPDATE by your friendly BullsBlogger,  11:27 AM CDT: official roster is out, no Thomas or Wright.]

In his camp preview, KC Johnson lists James and Wright as 4th PG possibilities (??? let's just wildly speculate Rose won't be ready oh jeeeeeeez no) while Pittman and Thomas are seen as a more logical roster shot at 3rd string center since unfortunately Nazr Mohammed is the 2nd string center and the 1st string center has bad feet.

As we've been slowly following all summer, the FA big man market was a lot of unappetizing names and the Bulls signed literally none of them. A few weeks ago Mark Deeks sorta-reported that the Bulls are waiting around for former pal Kurt Thomas to recover from his foot ailments and sign him midseason, so it's likely even if a job is won in camp here it won't be for a full-season contract.

So yes, that's a weakness as we enter Bulls training camp. But overall this should be the start of a very fun and successful season.