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Derrick Rose, adidas release new commercial

Derrick Rose's latest adidas commercial has a different tone than his previous ads.

I was invited to another adidas event for Derrick Rose on Sunday at the United Center, so it's fitting the shoe company rolled out a new commercial for the Bulls star today. This is the first new Rose commercial since the flood of ads promoting his return from a torn ACL last season -- a return that (spoiler alert!) never came.

As such, this commercial takes on an appropriately different tone from the ones that proceeded it. Instead of a buzzing United Center and bro hugs with his brother Reggie, we find an isolated D. Rose standing in a dark room asking himself a series of existential questions.

Will I be able to give my city the ultimate thank you?

Can I do what it takes to be remembered?

It's time to prove to my fans that I'm still focused.

It's time to show the world that I can still do this.

What do you think?