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Bulls bail on Luol Deng contract extension talks

It doesn't look like the forward is getting a new contract this summer.


Luol Deng's expiring contract is perhaps the biggest looming question facing the Chicago Bulls heading into the season, and it's an issue that won't be resolved anytime soon According to Aggrey Sam of Comcast Sports Net, extension talks between the team and Deng have stalled, with the Bulls reportedly making the call to put discussions on hold.

This was always going to be a contentious negotiation -- just like Deng's last one -- so it should come as no surprise Deng isn't getting a new deal before the start of the season. Deng will be 29 by the time his contract runs out and will be looking to cash in for what might be the final huge contract of his career.

From the team's perspective, shelling out $50 million over four years is far from a no-brainer, even for someone as reliable as Deng. We've been over all of this before, but there a few things up for debate when it comes to paying Deng.

After logging so many minutes the last three seasons and suffering a slew of injuries, Deng's future durability is a fair question. For everything Deng has done for the organization since being drafted in 2004, it's still easy to wonder if the Bulls could find a better player for similar money.

Putting this on hold to see how the season plays out is probably what's best for all involved. It looks like that's where we're headed right now.