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NBA free agency: Bulls in final 3 for Anthony Tolliver, per report

The Bulls are reportedly in the running for Anthony Tolliver, destroyer of Derrick Rose's ankle and a not-so-good basketball player.


[Note by JayPatt, 08/10/13 12:37 PM CDT As noted in the comments below, M-Jeff and the Bobcats graciously agreed to a deal with Tolliver, so the Bulls "missed out" on him. Whew.]

Another day, another name of a big man target who does absolutely nothing for me. This time it's Anthony Tolliver, who will choose between the Bulls, Bobcats and Jazz, according to Jorge Sierra of HoopsHype. Quite the competition there for Chicago.

If you recall, Tolliver, 28, is the guy who got the ball rolling on Derrick Rose's injury-filled 2011-12 campaign by diving at the Bulls' star point guards legs and injuring his ankle.

Tolliver is also pretty terrible at basketball.

Last season with the Hawks, Tolliver averaged 4.1 points and 2.5 rebounds in 15.5 minutes per game. He shot 38.0 percent overall and 33.8 percent from long range. And when I looked at his defensive numbers on Synergy, I was horrified. Let's just say being ranked 424th overall defensively in the NBA isn't too good. I'm not even sure #ThibsDust can cure that.

To be fair, Tolliver was somewhat productive at times during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons, and he even shot 40.9 percent from three with the Timberwolves in that latter season. But that number plummeted to 24.8 percent in 2011-12 before coming back up to the aforementioned 33.8 percent last season (trending in the right direction?!).

For his career, Tolliver is an extremely blah 32.5 percent three-point shooter, and a pretty bad 41.3 percent shooter overall. At best, he's an extremely mediocre stretch 4 that can occasionally knock down threes while playing poor defense. If the Bulls want to go that route, I'll take Antawn Jamison.

I know any signing at this point is going to be meh, but I'd rather be meh on an actual big man than a crappy stretch 4. I guess I could warm up to Jamison, but just give me Hamed Haddadi, Cole Aldrich or Jason Collins and get it over with.