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NBA Free Agency: Pistons sign Josh Smith, backup centers moving

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The Dwightmare is over, and thankfully only impacted the Western Conference. Back out East, there aren't many big moves to be made, outside of some mid-tier teams deciding to try and win a few games. Pistons (Josh Smith), Hawks (Paul Milsap), and Cavs (Jarrett Jack), and Bucks (OJ Mayo) all acquired players in their late 20s on multi-year deals which seems to indicate they're somewhat serious about being first-round fodder. Good on them.

The Bulls are very likely looking for another backup big man (and hopefully we'll have more on that market later), and a couple signed over the weekend: Zaza Pachulia signed for way more than the minimum, and the terrible Ryan Hollins went for likely the minimum back to the Clippers. Plenty of guys left, which hopefully the Bulls will strike well on, as I don't think Nazr will be helpful.