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NBA free agency: Dwight's headed to Houston, Josh Smith might be next

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The latest on NBA free agency.


Well, that was an insane afternoon in NBA. Please keep it locked to SB Nation for up to the minute updates on everything that's happening in free agency. Here's my best attempt to (quickly) piece everything together:

  • Dwight's going to Houston.
  • The Rockets are after Josh Smith now, too.
  • The Warriors were somehow able to dump the huge, useless contracts of Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush on the Jazz. They sent a 2014 and 2017 first round pick and a couple second round selections, too. Because the Jazz are wasted drunk right now, apparently.
  • The Warriors then signed Andre Igoudala, because the Warriors want you to know they are now officially the coolest team in the league. The small ball possibilities of that lineup are so rad, IMO.
  • Is Omer Asik on his way out in Houston? He probably is, with Atlanta looking like the most likely destination in a trade for Smith. But Woj just fucking had to toss this in there for us:

Now: does that mean? He's not saying the Bulls and Rockets are working something out. He's not saying anything, really. But it gets the people going so why not, I suppose.