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NBA Free Agency 2013: Tyreke Evans to New Orleans, Dwight decision today?

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Ronald Martinez

Time for a new thread for you to dispose your silly Bulls (and other teams) theories in. Here is some of the latest news:

  • Tyreke Evans went to New Orleans in a S/T that also netted them recent 2nd round pick Jeff Withey. NO sent out Greivis Vasquez (Kings) and Robin Lopez (Blazers).
  • Al Jefferson signed with the...Charlotte Bobcats! This (alone) won't make Charlotte a playoff team, but good for them at least trying to improve instead of wrapping themselves in the tanking flag. Granted, they're the Bobcats so they don't need to intentionally tank. I do wonder if given the 3 year deal for Jefferson if they would've been interested instead in 2 years of Carlos Boozer. He played at Duke! The Bulls probably would've had to send them an asset, but if they won't amnesty Boozer this is the kind of deal that would've worked.
  • Dwight may make his decision today. Maybe. It seems like we're half-assing our attention towards this. Dwight's star has fallen so much it's not perceived as league-shaking where he goes...but if his health is back it will indeed have a huge impact. Luckily it'll be out West, regardless.