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NBA free agency: Marcus Camby picks Rockets, Hawks claim Gustavo Ayon

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Marcus Camby and Gustavo Ayon are two big men who will not be backing up Joakim Noah next season.


The big man market continues to get thinner and thinner, as both Marcus Camby and Gustavo Ayon are on new teams that aren't the Bulls.

First off, Camby did what I can only assume was his best Kirk Hinrich impression by picking the Rockets partially because he has a house in the area. I'm not really bummed about this at all, because I wasn't crazy about signing an old guy with bad feet who barely played at all last season due to said bad feet.

As for Ayon, Real GM's Shams Charania reports that the Hawks just put in a waiver claim on the 28-year-old, which is kind of a bummer. I wasn't really expecting Ayon to make it through waivers, but I was hoping teams would be stupid. Alas.

So maybe DeJuan Blair will end up in Chicago? Or perhaps Cole Aldrich? I just hope SOMEBODY else signs, because I really don't want Nazr Mohammed to be the primary backup center once again next year.