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Ron Adams situation: more talk of coaching and front office discontent

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Jonathan Daniel

The Bulls did a boffo job of throwing us some good news with the Mike Dunleavy sighting, alleviating some of the consternation that built throughout the day in learning about this Ron Adams mess. It seems even more needed now, as the morning after Gar Forman addressed the media on the situation there were even more mentions of discontent between the Bulls front office and coaching staff.

Before even getting to that, if you listen to the audio (replayed on Mully and Hanley's first hour this morning) Gar does come across as a little peeved even as he tries to stick to Gar format in talking about the 'tens...nay hundreds!' of decisions he makes. Those decisions that not everyone agrees with, and how they don't always agree with Thibs but they accept it. Decisions, decisions. Decisions. Plus, Gar's assertion that he doesn't feel any benefit to explaining anything just speaks to him being a dillhole. But maybe that's just how I see it.

More important than that is what is coming out with today from those more plugged-in on the situation. KC Johnson has Thibodeau mad at how Gar handled that impromptu press conference:

Two sources said Thibodeau, who didn't comment on Adams' departure other than in a statement, didn't like Forman divulging his thoughts about Thibodeau's coaching in explaining the Adams decision.


Tellingly, Forman did say Thibodeau will continue to have a voice as far as recommending hires but that Forman has final say over all personnel decisions. While this dynamic is true in most organizations, a head coach more often than not has stronger say in his staff.

Trib columnist David Haugh went into the "clumsy public-relations effort" and added this tidbit:

Though Forman refused to elaborate, a source told the Tribune late Monday night a pattern of insubordinate incidents since the end of the season concerned Bulls officials enough to relieve Adams of his duties. Thibodeau didn't like the decision but had full knowledge it was coming, the source said.

Haugh speculates that this must've been 'severe', else he really doesn't understand the Org. driving this wedge with both Thibodeau and Derrick Rose.

Mike McGraw at the Daily Herald also had his own reports:

According to a source, Thibodeau tried to convince management to retain Adams but was unsuccessful. The rest of the coaching staff will stay intact.

So one question is, why did Forman decide now to make a change in the coaching staff, which Thibodeau apparently did not support?

Money might have been a factor, and it's possible Adams' spot will not be filled.

Based on multiple accounts, Adams is a passionate coach who wasn't afraid to voice his opinion if he disagreed with a decision. Over time, Adams might have grated on Forman and vice president of basketball operations John Paxson.


According to a source, Paxson was upset at the end of the Game 5 playoff loss in Miami that Thibodeau didn't use available timeouts. Despite the team's success, Forman and Paxson often are critical of Thibodeau's coaching decisions.

Mike Imrem at the Herald had a column that takes a more extreme view of the situation, speculating (I can only assume it's informed speculation, but who knows...) that there is dissension with everything from Thibs's rotations to the pressure (or lack thereof) applied in getting Derrick Rose to return. And that it'll only stop if one of Forman and Thibodeau is gone.

I highly doubt anyone's going anywhere anytime soon. Thibodeau is very well-paid and is just beginning his 4 year contract. Rose has the same years remaining and is paid exorbitantly more. Nothing is screwed, here. But it does bear watching as something presently unnecessary that seemingly won't go away despite Gar's poor efforts to wish it so.