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Chicago Bulls free agency: Bulls reportedly interested in released Center Marcus Camby

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When we last looked at the free agency 'bigs' market, it wasn't very promising but there were some interesting names. Some of them are gone (Brand, Andersen, O'Neal), and I assume the best name left (Sam Dalembert) is not going to take the minimum. The Bulls chance to acquire someone making more than the minimum ended on Tuesday, and so that's literally the most the Bulls can offer.

A new name has entered though, former Knick (and a lot of other things) Marcus Camby

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>The Raptors are expected to buy out newcomer C Marcus Camby on the final 2 years of contract soon, a source told Y! LAC, CHI, HOU interested</p>&mdash; Marc J. Spears (@SpearsNBAYahoo) <a href="">July 17, 2013</a></blockquote>
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(ht: Denver Stiffs)

Considering Camby is 39 and will be getting at least some of his salary back from the Raptors, he will very likely only cost the minimum.

The other suitors mentioned are former Camby stops, as he played with the Rockets in 2012 and the Clippers from 2008-2010 (not that anyone from that icky team is still around). Given that the Heat just amnestied Mike Miller today, while they have their TaxpayerMLE they may also be offering the minimum (if they're interested at all). The Knicks are also likely to be looking for veteran big men, but can't reacquire Camby until midseason since, uh, they just traded him.

Camby was pretty brutal in that last go-around in NY, only playing in 24 games with his numbers down across the board. He battled the dreaded plantar fasciitis but according to him his lack of playing time down the stretch was simply falling out of Mike Woodson's rotation in favor of Kenyon Martin.

(that article also mentions that Camby lives and trains in Houston)

So yeah, this search wasn't ever going to get the cream of the crop. Camby's last season could've been just an aberration and he has another good one left. Or he could finally be toast. Given that Nazr Mohammed is signed under a similar perspective, they may not want to give this roster spot to someone quite so similar, but I'd say the upside for Camby is higher if he can regain his form.