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Kyle Korver Trade exception expires today

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Today is the last day the Bulls can use the $5M traded player exception (TPE). Will they surprise us and use it?

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The passing will be mourned by frequently misinformed BaB commenters everywhere, who spent the last year not reading the CBA FAQ, and:

  • Suggested to combine the trade exception with actual outgoing players in trade to bring back a more expensive player, even though TPEs cannot be combined with players this way.
  • Suggested to use the TPE to sign a free agent, even though it can't be used to sign a free agent, just acquire a player under contract. Or a player via sign and trade, except that the Bulls can't use it that way because, they would also have to shed a lot of salary to get under the tax "apron" to do it.
  • Suggested we use it last year, even though we were hard-capped and any player we might acquire would be illegal to acquire since it would put us over thathard cap.
  • Suggested that the Bulls were actually going to use it this offseason, when doing so would cost them a shit ton of money.
Rest In Peace Kyle Korver Traded Player Exception. You came into the world on 7/16/12, when Korver was traded to the Hawks for cash, and expire today, never having fulfilled your true purpose in life.