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Derrick Rose return: Bulls star says he will be ready to go for start of season

Derrick Rose spoke at an adidas event in Madrid and said he would be ready to rock and roll for the start of next season.


Derrick Rose is currently barnstorming around Europe on an adidas tour, with his most recent stop coming in Madrid. It appears that HoopsHype was in attendance at the event, as they tweeted out a few things that Rose said:

This really isn't news, as Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said as much a month ago. Plus, it has been over 14 months since the surgery. However, I know some people are worried about Rose coming back even next year, and the point guard did mention that he was still going through "stages" of his rehab when he talked to BullsTV a few weeks ago. Hopefully this reassures those that are still worried.

There was also a tweet that said #TheReturn would happen on Oct. 12 in Rio de Janeiro, but it appears that that tweet has been deleted. I'm not really sure why, but I guess it goes without saying that he would be playing in that game if he was truly ready to go for next year.

A few other humorous nuggets from HoopsHype:

I'm just imagining Rose sitting at a computer and watching these highlights, mischievously rubbing his hands together in anticipation of Mirotic coming over, whenever that may be.

And finally:

Guy has been out so damn long that people have forgotten about him. Everybody is sure to remember come October...

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