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Nate Robinson drawing interest from Nuggets, unlikely to return to Bulls, per report

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Tom Thibodeau has reservations about bringing back Nate Robinson, according to Marc Stein.

Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE

"Unlikely in the extreme" is how ESPN's Marc Stein described Nate Robinson's chances of returning to the Chicago Bulls on Saturday afternoon. Stein also reports Robinson is drawing "certifiable interest" from the Denver Nuggets in free agency, because that team likes really tiny guards.

Robinson's departure from the Bulls was always expected, seeing as the Bulls can only offer him the veteran's minimum, and Nate certainly earned a raise with last season's playoff heroics. There was dwindling hope from some that Robinson would return for one more go-around in Chicago after a career year, but according to Stein, Tom Thibodeau isn't a fan of the diminutive guard.

This surprises me a bit for a couple reasons: a) point guards in Thibodeau's systems have always had free reign to take shots, and b) Thibodeau seemed to like John Lucas III, and Nate is certainly better than him.

We will save the Nate nostalgia until he's actually gone, but yeah: good times last year. I didn't like the signing at the time, and it really couldn't have worked out any better.