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Well, it's the offseason, and the Bulls were on the market for a useful wing player and wound up with an aged but intriguing option.

A flimsy connection to the recent Mike Dunleavy signing, as I'm actually referring to 2003 when the Bulls were about to bring back Scottie Pippen. I was upset that Ira Newble was 'slipping away'.

That probably says enough as to why I started doing this nonsense and continue to do so: I had a strong (and what I believed: informed?) opinion on something that nobody I knew really cared to hear about, so I decided instead to just shout it at the world. It's been an almost compulsory hobby since then, but only in that it's so fun it's hard to imagine not doing it.

I'll first thank Tyler at SBNation for bringing me on board nearly 8 years ago. Without this company's both technical and editorial (and I should include financial) support I could've easily drifted away like so many blog brethren of yore. That kind of support has also been huge from Seth Pollack, who took over as a full-time NBA league manager and grew this network to insane heights. And to my fairly-new team of contributors Jason and Ricky: despite the dismay that the Bulls brought us for much of this past year, I think it may have been BaB's best thanks to adding to the blog's own roster. And yes: I'll get you guys on the blog masthead someday.

Getting shouted back at in the comments, through social media, or from other blogs is a big part this fun, and so I also want to thank all of you who participate in that discussion. (I also thank the loads of readers who aren't compelled to interact, some days I like your type even more!)

I can't even begin to acknowledge those in the NBA Blogosphere along the way who provided traffic or merely inspiration. One of my great failings was that my bloggin' original email account was hacked/deleted a couple of years ago, because in that inbox was some great discussions from a long time ago where people like me just wanted to be read and were interested in helping eachother towards that goal. It's obviously been a huge change in the past decade to see where people and this 'industry' has gone, but I think that mindset still prevails. It's bigger and better with every season, and always exciting to see someone move up in this strange world and sad when they leave it.

I rarely think about leaving myself, though when I did I figured 10 years would've been a nice round number to do so. But then you get into the flow and these kind of 'blogiversaries' just pop up unexpectedly (thus this half-assed reflection!), you realize that's not a real reason to stop. It's instead reason to pat yourself on the back and remark on how great you are. Or at least how long you've been at it. It's sort of what this medium is all about: narcissism. And I suppose talking about the team and stuff.

I'll stop when it sucks, but for 10 years and counting blogging the Bulls has been a blast. Thanks for reading, everyone!

-Matt, your friendly BullsBlogger