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Bulls introduce Tony Snell and Erik Murphy at Berto Center

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Happy Bulls draft pick intro day!


The Bulls introduced their two draft picks, Tony Snell and Erik Murphy, at the Berto Center in a press conference on Monday morning. The presser was a short one, lasting a little over five minutes before Snell and Murphy showed off their shiny new Bulls jerseys. On that front, Snell will be No. 20 and Murphy No. 31.

In terms of what was said at the presser, there wasn't much. Gar Forman and Tom Thibodeau gave your typical stock answers about being good fits, having strong work ethics, needing to learn the system and the such, but I did like how Forman really highlighted how improving the team's shooting was a major priority.

"From a basketball standpoint, one of the things we were trying to do was improve our ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter" Forman said. "I think both of these guys have shown that they can make perimeter shots, three-point shots at a high, high level."

The Bulls made the second-fewest threes in the NBA last year and will likely lose two of their primary shooters in Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli, so adding more shooting in the draft was absolutely paramount. Hopefully these dudes can get it done.

Another thing I also found really interesting were Forman's comments on Snell's ballhandling and his possible use as a point guard.

"In Tony's case, we saw a guy that could be a secondary handler," Forman said. "That would push it out in transition. That could play off pick-and-roll some. That would even play some point guard and initiate offense out front."

I've seen some real mixed reports about Snell's ballhandling, and DraftExpress' scouting report doesn't seem to speak too highly of him as a creator of offense, although they mention that he has potential as a passer. Perhaps the Bulls see something more? I don't know. I'm assuming he wouldn't be asked to do too much of that kind of stuff early on.

Forman went on to talk about Murphy being the stretch 4 the Bulls have never really had (SORRY, VLAD RAD) before opening things up for questions. Those questions brought pretty non-interesting answers, which again, is pretty typical of these types of pressers. Snell talked briefly about Steve Alford's influence, while Murphy said Joakim Noah (the Gator connection) called him on draft night and said Noah was "really fired up" about the pick. Classic Jo.

Quotes from CSN Chicago's live stream of presser.