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2013 Free Agency Open Thread

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The Bulls will likely be boring, but there will be plenty of craziness elsewhere! Bargs to the Knicks!

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

We've already come to the general conclusion that the Bulls will be pretty boring this offseason, as they're likely going to embark on the ole "wait for the market to come to them" strategy and try to find some depth at the minimum. Aggrey Sam and Nick Friedell were the latest to toot that horn, which continues to lead me to believe that the MMLE and Korver TPE will go to waste. I also find it hilariously predictable that nobody even bothers to even mention the Korver TPE at this point (at least I haven't seen it), because it's painfully clear that it won't be put to use.

But just because the Bulls will probably be boring doesn't mean the rest of the league will be. We've already had a few crazy deals in the past week, and there was another one today in the form of Andrea Bargnani getting traded to the Knicks (LOLOLOLOLOL) for Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, a 2016 first-round pick and two future second-round picks. This trade just reinforces the fact that there's almost no such thing as an untradeable contract in the NBA.

Also just breaking per Woj is Thomas Robinson going to the Blazers for a couple foreign dudes and a couple future second-round picks. The Bulls supposedly had interest in acquiring Robinson and flipping him in another deal, but that never panned out.

And of course, we have Dwightmare Part Deux (the Robinson trade helps the Rockets open up max cap room) and plenty of other free agency goodness. So this should be fun, even if the Bulls aren't.