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Vegas Summer League 2013: Schedule, roster for Bulls taking shape

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some familiar(?) names


The Bulls will once again be playing in the Vegas Summer League this year. Here's the schedule:

7/13 (7pm) vs. Memphis
7/15 (9:30pm) vs. Denver
7/16 (7pm) vs. Portland

And then there's some wacky tournament thing they're attempting this year.

As far as the squad, rostered players Marquis Teague and Malcolm Thomas will be on the team, as well as 2013 draftees Tony Snell and Erik Murphy.

On Friday, Aggrey Sam reported some other names:

Derrick Rose won't look to Summer League as a way to gain confidence in his return. It's true. I'm not surprised, but also thought it would be cool. And as petty retribution for not entertaining me, I will just speculate Rose still isn't fully healthy in body and/or head. So there.