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2013 NBA Draft: Bulls grades vary on selections of Snell and Murphy

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I think I've been up front on saying I don't really know much about draft prospects. From what I've read from reports on Tony Snell, including our own TheMoon, Snell has promise and tools but didn't actually do much in college. The Bulls have reached before on guys and have both done pretty well (Taj, Butler) and not so well (Jimmy Johns, Teague [so far]), but they have a decent batting average. There's also Thibsdust, which seems like it'll be required with Snell.

(Murphy is a late second-rounder so if he makes the team that's cool.)

Here are some draft grades, they run the gamut:

Have to lead off with the mothership, as they published this gorgeous grade roundup for all the teams. The Bulls received average marks from the 3 contributors, with Mike Prada giving a 'C' in terms of 'immediate impact'.

Chad Ford gives the Bulls a C-:

Because Reggie Bullock, Allen Crabbe and Tim Hardaway Jr. were on the board, all three of whom have better track records, I was a little surprised that Snell was the pick. He might have more upside, but his lack of consistency on both ends is concerning. The Bulls filled a need, but I don't think they got the best guy to do it.

Ed Weiland at HoopsAnalyst gave the Bulls one of 3 F's, calling the Snell pick "the worst of the first round" and not indicative of the Bulls prior solid drafting work.

On the other end, Bulls Confidential's draft guy Kevin States quite liked the pick (and here was his profile on Snell), and USAToday's Adi Joseph gave them an A-

Both players should be ready to contribute to a team that expects to contend next season with Derrick Rose back. There was no overthinking, no scheming. The Bulls had two picks and used them on two good players and good fits.