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Bulls rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge wants to come to Chicago, according to report

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LaMarcus Aldridge may be on the trading block this summer, and he reportedly would like to come to Chicago. The Blazers covet Joakim Noah, but perhaps the Bulls could work out a deal with Luol Deng or other assets as the centerpiece.


We always hear about how the Bulls need another star to pair with Derrick Rose in order to win a title, and while I don't necessarily agree, it sure would be nice to get one. Acquiring Kevin Love has been a hot topic of discussion, but Ric Bucher has also hinted at a mystery "power forward who could shoot" as a guy that Rose wants to play with.

Perhaps that power forward is LaMarcus Aldridge, who reportedly has a "solid chance" to be traded this summer, according to ESPN's Chad Ford.

Here's the Daily Herald's Mike McGraw with an interesting tidbit on the Blazers star:

Bulls fans often to point to the 2006 draft-night trade of Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas as one of the team's biggest mistakes. It helped set the stage for lottery night 2008, so there's not much point in second-guessing now.

Word is, Aldridge wants to escape from Portland's rebuilding project and has made it known that he'd like to land in Chicago.

Deng for Aldridge won't get it done. The Blazers want Joakim Noah in return and the Bulls don't want to give up the superior defensive big man.

McGraw suggests offering up the Bobcats pick along with Deng for Aldridge, a deal that would be a no-brainer for GarPax. The salaries match up nicely, as Deng is set to make $14.215 million next year and Aldridge is slated for $14.628 million.

However, Deng plus the Bobcats pick doesn't seem like enough either, and I really don't see why Portland would trade for Deng when they already have Nicolas Batum in place. And I really wouldn't want to include Noah in a deal for Aldridge, although I would probably think about it. Aldridge is an excellent offensive player and would be a nice pick-and-roll partner for Rose. The Bulls obviously do have other assets as well in Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Jimmy Butler that could be used in a potential deal, and there's also the possibility of some three-way action.

In any case, it's cool that Aldridge supposedly wants to come to Chicago. Making a trade for Aldridge would eliminate the need to hope for a big free agent splash as part of a 2014 Plan and potentially give the Bulls the best frontcourt in the NBA. Plus, it would hopefully mean the ouster of Carlos Boozer.

It's also worth noting that Aldridge is represented by Arn Tellem, who has a good relationship with the Bulls. So get that trade machine fired up and let's see some proposals!