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Blog a Bull NBA Draft Google Hangout

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Watch Jay and Ricky try to put together coherent/smart thoughts about the upcoming draft, and other stuff. Ask us anything!

Mike Stobe

[Note by JayPatt, 06/26/13 9:28 PM CDT Hey all, apparently Google has been having some trouble with Hangouts and saving the video, which is why the "We'll Be Right Back" screen is the only thing that shows up. Apologies for anybody who missed this gem and wanted to watch us blather. ]

So we're going to try something a little new this morning. With the NBA Draft tomorrow, Ricky and I (sorry, no yfBB) are going to do a draft-themed Google Hangout that should hopefully stream live on Blog a Bull (We've never set one of these up before, so we could mess it up). It will be at 10:30 a.m. CT, and if there are any specific questions or general thoughts y'all want addressed, feel free to leave them in the comments or hit up one of us on Twitter. My handle is @Bulls_Jay and Ricky's is @SBN_Ricky. If you can't watch it live, the full Hangout should be available upon completion.