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Nikola Mirotic, Real Madrid are champs of ACB League

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I guess this kind of eases the sting of the Heat winning it all again?


Watching the Heat win back-to-back titles was no fun, but in better news, Nikola Mirotic and Real Madrid are also champions! Real Madrid defeated FCB Regal 79-71 in a deciding Game 5 on Wednesday, making them champions of the Spanish ACB League.

Mirotic was quiet in the clincher, scoring just six points on 2-of-8 shooting. He actually underwhelmed for much of the series, averaging 9.0 points 3.0 rebounds on 37.8 percent shooting. However, the Bulls' draftee did have one memorable performance, scoring 18 points and scoring numerous clutch baskets in a Game 3 victory.

Nate Duncan of The Team Rebound blog saw the performance in person, and he did an excellent write-up on the game along with a general scouting report of Mirotic. Duncan talked to several NBA peeps in the days before the game, and all of them said Mirotic would be a top-five pick in this year's draft, with one even saying he'd go No. 1 overall.

In his scouting report, Duncan brings up the names of Ryan Anderson and Rashard Lewis as possible comparisons for Mirotic. Duncan finds the Lewis comparison more apt, as he views Mirotic as more of a combo forward and not a true 4 like Anderson. While some Bulls fans may be aiming higher, I certainly wouldn't be upset if Mirotic turned out like either of those guys.

All in all, it was a pretty eventful season for Mirotic. He became the youngest ACB League MVP ever at the age of 22 and won a championship as well. He and Real Madrid also reached the Euroleague Final before losing to Olympiacos.

Mirotic of course isn't coming to the U.S. this summer and may not even come next summer depending on his plans and if the Bulls want to pay him. First there has to be a buyout from his Real Madrid contract, and then the Bulls would have to use cap space or an exception to sign him. If the 2014 Plan is real, bringing Mirotic over could mess with that, although he may actually be a big part of the 2014 Plan. Plus, we've gotten indications that the Bulls do plan on starting negotiations with him next summer.