Richard Hamilton Found

Sort of... KC Johnson has a not very informative article in which we find out...

Game 1 of the Bulls' series against the Nets marked the first time in 127 career playoff games that Richard Hamilton came off the bench. The next game brought the first "Did Not Play—Coach's Decision" distinction of his decorated career.

And now, despite coach Tom Thibodeau's mantra that "we need everybody," Hamilton has dropped out of the rotation, with even Daequan Cook logging time ahead of him on the Bulls' depleted roster.

"It's hard. I have to be honest," Hamilton told the Tribune. "The only thing I can do is be a good teammate, help my guys out. Try to talk and communicate with them as best as possible to understand time, score and situation. Just try to be as positive and give them advice from all the stuff that I know about the playoffs."


Hamilton, 35, told the Tribune earlier this season he hoped to play two more seasons. At least publicly, he has handled his demotion professionally.

Some accused Hamilton of sabotaging former Pistons coach John Kuester in Hamilton's final season in Detroit, a charge Hamilton has denied. Asked if that's why he's not complaining about logging just 10 minutes in the playoffs, Hamilton shrugged.

"Nah, just knowing who I am," Hamilton said. "You don't want to get caught up in doing stuff that you're not about. The foundation of me is who I am. We have great guys on the team so you want to be supportive."

So... there you have it. The foundation of you is who you are. The foundation of Richard Hamilton is who he is. The Foundation series is a seven volume set of science fiction books by Issac Asimov in which he predicts the imminent fall and rebirth of a galactic empire.

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