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Bulls vs. Heat Final Score: Blown out and thrown out


Well, at least that made more sense. The Bulls hung close with the Heat for about a quarter and a half, until a late first-half run had the Heat up 14. It was then a masterful 30-15 third quarter by Miami that put the game way out of reach.

The 4th quarter would've been pointless to mention if not for the Bulls melting down a bit with both Noah and Gibson getting ejected. Miami kept pouring it on, and it wound up being a 115-78 loss. There had been a lot of hard fouls, some dirty fouls, and technicals throughout the game. Both teams were clearly looking to 'rough up' their opponent, and the referees were trying to keep things under control. After the score got out of control though, so did the players.

It was a truly bad night for the Bulls. Worst in franchise history, even. The Heat looked like the team they're more supposed to be, and the Bulls just couldn't compete at that level. But it was just one game. The Bulls have been blown out plenty of times this year as we know all too well. Heck, they were in just the last series. This is a different caliber of opponent, but the point stands: next game is Friday at home, so hopefully the Bulls will be focused on that instead of what just happened in Miami.

Final - 5.8.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Chicago Bulls 20 21 15 22 78
Miami Heat 25 30 30 30 115

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