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Bulls vs. Heat: Chicago loses cool in chippy Game 2

Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson were both tossed in a Game 2 loss that featured nine total technicals, one flagrant and a plethora of hard fouls.


You could pretty much tell from the start that tempers would be running high in Game 2 between the Bulls and the Heat. Dwyane Wade was called for a technical within the first minute for chucking a ball at Marco Belinelli, and things would only escalate from there.

Joakim Noah and LeBron James got tangled up at the tail end of the quarter, with James throwing an elbow that got Noah didn't take too kindly to:


Noah had to be restrained as the two were both called for technicals. Things started to get really out of hand in the second quarter, with Chris Andersen picking up a flagrant foul, Marquis Teague garnering a technical and Nate Robinson picking one up a few minutes later.

Things settled down somewhat in the third quarter, at least in terms of the officiating, as the Heat went bonkers and built their massive lead.

[Forgot to mention this from the 3rdQ: Chalmers getting a technical going at a Joakim Noah screen through Noah's neck -yfbb]

Then came the fourth quarter.

With the scrubs on the court, a few straight calls went against Taj Gibson, drawing the ire of both Gibson and Noah, who was on the bench. Noah was ejected first, and then Gibson just went off on referee Scott Foster, earning an ejection himself: Here's the video, courtesy of

Looking at it closer, Gibson clearly had some choice words for Foster, unleashing a string of F-Bombs as he was being pulled away from the court:


TNT analyst Steve Kerr defended Gibson for his actions, and I initially agreed. At that point in the game, might as well just vent some frustrations. However, Gibson may have gone over the line, especially considering NBA VP of Discipline Stu Jackson was in the house:

Considering how short-handed the Bulls already are, and how awful Carlos Boozer has been, not having Gibson available for Game 3 would be pretty devastating. Hopefully this was just K.C. dropping a heat of the moment cold bucket of water and Gibson will be let off the hook for just allowing his emotions to get the best of him in a frustrating situation.

All in all, there were nine technicals (six on the Bulls and three on the Heat) and one flagrant called to go along with numerous other hard (borderline dirty) fouls. The refs tried to take control of the game, although I don't know if you could say they did a good job of it. But sometimes it can be really hard when the emotions are running so high.

Thibs was disappointed in his team's lack of focus after the game, while both Noah and Thibs took the blame for their actions, basically admitting that they deserved to get tossed:

The Bulls lose tonight whether they keep their cool or not, but they can't let it happen again and have it really affect them in a game that's close. And the officials definitely weren't the reason the Bulls lost. But feel free to bitch about them anyway! Also, screw those dirtbag Miami fans taunting Noah and Taj walking to the locker room, although I'm sure Bulls fans wouldn't hesitate to do the same thing to LeBron. Still, screw them!