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Derrick Rose return: Bulls star reportedly out for season

when Woj says it...

eh, we'll like you again next year. Now, not so much.
eh, we'll like you again next year. Now, not so much.
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

One unfortunate byproduct of the Bulls continuing on their improbable playoff journey to Miami is that this dumbass Rose situation still looms.

And it's looming because Rose himself won't shut the door on a return. If you read (and see) his words from Saturday morning, it looks pretty definite that Rose has no intention of coming back, and he's either playing dumb and/or is legitimately so.

Adrian Wojnarowski is probably the best reporter on the league right now, and so in lieu of Rose himself confirming the obvious, this is probably as definitive as we can get:

Derrick Rose knows. His choice has been made to sit out the season and it includes no provisions for turning back, sources with direct knowledge told Yahoo! Sports.
Rose isn't creating false hope with coach Tom Thibodeau, nor the rest of his teammates. They've never sat around waiting on him this season, and none of them privately believe that he'll be back before next season.

Woj then goes in a bit on Rose and his 'team' and how they've been stringing us along. Which is fair, because it's pretty damned ridiculous. As much as there was nothing in it for the Bulls or Rose to shut him down before, once the playoffs began it made zero sense for an over-cautious approach to be thrown out the window. And now, the idea that a star's first game in 12 months would occur against the Miami Heat is even more nonsensical.

But people believe silly shit all the time. It's comforting sometimes. This myth, however, has gone beyond annoying. Hopefully Woj's report helps end it all from our end, since Rose himself doesn't care enough to. He's not coming back, and Thibs team is on the floor to face Miami.