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Bulls vs. Nets playoffs: Deng out, Hinrich likely also out for Game 7


This news on Luol Deng is legitimately depressing. This is someone who has publicly taken pride in being the iron man of the Bulls the past few seasons, both in games and minutes played. And something apparently fluke-y like this viral scare is keeping him out of the tail end of a playoff series.

Luol Deng remains at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago after experiencing complications from the spinal tap administered to test for viral meningitis and obviously won't play in Saturday's Game 7.

According to two people who spoke to Deng, the forward was alarmed and upset by the side effects from the procedure, which featured disorientation and an unsteady gait after fluid was drained from his lower back.


The news is only slightly better for Kirk Hinrich, who is at least with the team in Brooklyn but has still 'yet to run' on his injured calf. Hinrich has claimed he'll try everything he can to go tonight. I don't expect we'll have an update on that until close to gametime.

But on the bright side, Nate Robinson and Taj Gibson are over their flu symptoms. Game 7! oy...